Why illuminit?

Experienced Professionals
We are a committed team of experienced professionals who bring world-class expertise in enterprise software implementation and pervasive software development. Our team consists of developers, architects, project managers and practitioners who have a mix of complex Systems, consolidation and implementation experience.

Comprehensive Tools and Methodologies
We have a comprehensive set of tools and methodologies for enterprise application implementations and, beyond that we will help deliver a rapid and efficient project. Our commitment to quality and application of appropriate project management and quality assurance measures will help ensure we meet and exceed our client goals.

High Standards
At illuminit we adhere to the CMM model of software engineering.

Experience with Integrated Information Systems
We fully appreciate the complexity of companies and the maturity of our client's corporate culture. Our work takes into account the client's information systems requirements. Specifically, we attempt to understand the systems that need to be integrated and consider providing close to real-time information, scalability in our solutions, excellent decision support, flexibility for continuous business process improvement, possible shared services, and easier integration via collaboration of multiple vendor alliances.

Flexible Cost Structure
illuminit's experience with Fixed-Bid, Fixed-Time projects ensures that our clients get a team that can successfully deliver on these promises. This confidence in our technical and delivery team allows us to quote and win such engagements and reduce the risk of new IT investment projects for our enterprise customers.

In Time and Material projects, illuminit's aggressive project management methodologies can ensure that there are no cost or time overruns for our clients. Time and Material models maybe suitable for projects that have very dynamic requirements and where a detailed system specification cannot be drawn prior to commencement of the project.

Tactical Technology Outsourcing
Outsourcing has moved beyond its tactical beginnings to become strategic and transformational. Let us explore the possibilities of technology outsourcing as a strategy that you could be leveraging to attain your own business goals.

Competitive Landscape Awareness
We can discuss when technology outsourcing, despite positively affecting bottom line, makes sense and when it does not. Through illuminit's extensive client service experience, we are aware of industry trends and the sensitivity of outsourcing. We are aware that if changes in the competitive landscape are on the horizon, how that may affect your core competency that you can outsource and why you should keep your critical proficiency in-house.

illuminit's Extended Software Development® (XSD) Model offers the following benefits:
  • Single integrated project team with highly specialized resources
  • PMI based program management methodology contributing to project success
  • Core client functional and technical skills into our workplan
  • Aligning resources with business and delivery goals
  • Seamless integrated methodologies, procedures, and tools that help reduce project overhead and increases project efficiency
  • Reduced cost proposition
  • Ability to ramp up/downsize project resources on the fly
  • 24/7 access to project managers via email, cell phone, SMS
  • Employees adept in conversational English and technical writing
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned Knowledge Repository
  • Dedicated, seasoned Program Managers for even 1-2 FTE projects
  • Technical Training Material Development and ongoing support
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